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We at saigonBikes are specialised all around driving in Vietnam. saigonBikes is a bike rental Saigon and Ho Chi Minh City. We are renting bikes, motorbikes or scooters in saigon and ho chi minh city. Have a look at our Terms for Rent a Bike. What we offer is hight quality bikes for rent. Look at our Terms for Rent a Bike Online at www.saigon-bikes.com. Our rent shop offers bikes of all kind to get you through the day in Saigon.

Terms for Rent


Terms for rent

§1 Transfer and use

1.1. The lessor provides the renter with the following object for rent (model specification and mark).

    • Model: ………………..

    • Mark: ………………..

1.2. The total value of the bike is ……………….. VND.

1.3. The renter is not allowed to make any technical modifications or changes to the bike.

1.4. The bike may neither be passed on to, nor rented or sold to unauthorized third parties.

1.5. All bike Blue Cards (vehicle registration certificate documents) are marked with a watermark. The watermark includes the owner of the bike “saigonBikes” and the renting period (start and end date).

§2 Rental time

2.1. The rental period begins when the bike is received on ……………….. and ends on ……………….. when the bike is returned to saigonBikes.

2.2. If the bike is returned to the lessor after the date listed in section 2.1, the renter has to pay a fee for the delayed return. The fee is 10% of the agreed monthly rental cost for each day it is overdue. If the bike gets lost or is stolen, the lessor has to pay the total value of the bike: ………………..

§3 Rental fee

3.1. For the time renting the bike, the lessor charges:

    • a deposit of ……………….. VND (rental fee for one month)

    • a rental fee of ……………….. VND per month

§4 Care and liability for damage

4.1. The renter is not allowed to make any technical modifications or changes to the bike. It is the duty of the renter to avoid any damages. Should changes or modifications be made, or if the bike is damaged, the costs will be calculated by saigonBikes and taken from the deposit. If the deposit is not enough to pay for repairing the damage, then the renter must cover the remaining costs.

4.2. In the case of damage or technical failures, saigonBikes should be informed as soon as possible. Unannounced repairs must be payed for by the renter.

4.3. saigonBikes assumes no liability in case of accidents, police checks, or other matters relating to road traffic. Each renter is responsible for the bike, themselves, and others.

4.4. Should the rental object be lost, stolen, or can not be repaired after an accident (even if the renter is not responsible for the accident), the renter has to pay the complete cost of the bike.

4.5. The bike must be returned to saigonBikes with a full tank. If the tank is less than 75% full, the renter has to pay a fee of 100,000 VND.

4.6. The renter must be at least 18 years old and has to own a valid driving license. The renter is responsible for having a Vietnamese driving license.

§5 Payment and cancellation

5.1. Payment by cash: If the customer chooses cash payment, they have to pay for the bike within 5 days. Should saigonBikes not receive the payment within the 5-day period, the bike will no longer be reserved for the customer. Of course, it is possible for the customer to reserve a bike again and rent it.

5.2. Payment by PayPal: If the customer decides to choose payment by PayPal, they have to pay for the bike immediately. The customer can cancel the order/payment within 24 hours without any fee. To cancel after the first 24 hours, the customer has to pay 25% of the monthly rent as a fee for the cancelation. The return of the received payment will be processed through PayPal.

5.3. The monthly fee for renting the bike has to be paid by cash or through PayPal. If the fee is payed through cash, the renter has to deliver the rent to saigonBikes. Saigon bikes can collect the payment by cash at the renter’s place for a fee of 100,000 VND.

Download the Rental Contract as a PDF

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