Convert driving license in Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City – Get the Vietnamese driving license – Exchanging Foreign Driving License

Convert your driving license in Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City – Exchanging Foreign Driving License – How to get a Vietnamese driving license

We at saigonBikes are specialised all around driving in Vietnam. We will convert your current driving license to the vietnamese driving license in Saigon and Ho Chi Minh City. Our Team is Exchanging Driving Licenses for foreigners and expats in saigon and ho chi minh city. saigonBikes will solve your problem: How to get a Vietnamese Driver’s License? Converting Your Original Driver’s License to a Vietnamese One is our job we will do it for you. Apply now Online at Get your Vietnamese Driving License now at saigonBikes.

Vietnames Driving License


Convert your driving licence

1. Importance of having a valid licence

It is illegal to drive without a valid license. It needs to be either a Vietnamese driving license or a temporary license converted from your international driving permit. Penalties for not having a valid license when you drive can be bad: several years in prison if you cause an accident, and up to 20 years if the accident causes significant harm or death.

2. Applying for a new driving license

To get the application for the Vietnamese driving license (car or motorbike), contact the Centre for Automotive Training and Mechanism at 63 Ly Tu Trong (Ho Chi Minh City).

3. Convert your license into a Vietnamese driving licence

To convert your existing driving licence, first you need to translate your licence into Vietnamese, which can be done through a public translation service. This process will take about 2 days. After you receive the translation of your driving licence, you have to go to the Office of Traffic & Public Works. The address is 63 Ly Tu Trong (Ho Chi Minh City). At the office, you have to apply for your new Vietnamese driving license. We recommend bringing a Vietnamese person who can help you communicate at the office, otherwise it will be difficult get the things done there. Usually the Office of Traffic & Public Works needs about 10-14 days to convert your driving licence. They will tell you the date when the license is ready, so you will have to pick it up at the Office after that date.

Required Documents:

• A copy of your passport, including the photo page and the visa page

• A copy of your drivers license, with an officially translated version

• Three passport size photos

• Filled in application form (is provided at the office)

Let us support you

In the first few weeks we were in Vietnam, we had to convert our licenses on our own. The problem was that, as foreigners, it was really difficult, exhausting work that took us longer than expected: especially since you cannot communicate properly with the offices of the government in English. We don’t recommend to do it on your own if you don’t speak Vietnamese. 

That is why we created a service to convert your driving license for you. We want to offer you the easy way to get a Vietnamese license without going through all the problems we did.

Overview and Fee:

• Processing time:10-14 days
• Package A1 (small motorbike):1,500,000 VND
• Package A2 (big motorbike over 175cc):1,500,000 VND
• Package B2 (car license):1,500,000 VND
• Package A1+B2 (small motorbike + car license):1,500,000 VND
• Package A2+B2 (big motorbike + car license):1,500,000 VND
+ translation Fee

* The customer should have a notarized translation of his driving license to the Vietnamese language. In case the customer doesn’t have a notarized translation of his license, saigonBikes will translate his license. In this case the costs for the translation will be added to the cost of the license.

How it’s done
convert driving license step 1 application form

Application Form

  • You fill out the application form below
convert driving license step 2 pick-up your old license

Pick-up your Old License

  • We pick up your license from you
convert driving license step 3 translate your license

Translate your License

  • We have your license officially translated
convert driving license step 4 convert license

Convert License

  • We go with you to the office to apply for your new license
bike renting process step 5 receive your new license

Receive your New License

  • We will get the new license from the office
convert driving license step 6 license delivery

License Delivery

  • We deliver you your new Vietnamese license
Convert your licence now

Download the License Contract as a PDF

Further information for you

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Our company, saigonBikes, was founded in 2016 to make bike renting in Vietnam easier. We are specialized in renting motorbikes of all kinds for foreigners and expats, but we also help our customers with converting their driving licence and learning to drive safely. Our goal is to create a safe and transparent opportunity for bike rental.


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