Bike rental Saigon – Convert your License, Learn how to Drive, in Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City

Rent Bikes, Scooter and Motorbike in Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City – Get the vietnamese driving License – Lern how to drive in Saigon – Bike rental Saigon

Bike rental Saigon – Convert your License, Learn how to Drive, in Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City. We at saigonBikes are specialised all around driving in Vietnam. saigonBikes is a bike rental in Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City. We are renting bikes, motorbikes or scooters – Converting you current License to the Vietnamese Driving License – Teach you how to drive. What we offer is german quality because we want to bring the western standards to vietnam. Rent a Scooter, Bike or Motorbike now Online at Your Bike rental Saigon. Our rent shop offers bikes of all kind to get you through the day in Saigon. Lean how to drive in Saigon or Get your vietnamese driving license now. Bike rental Saigon.

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You have 99 problems in Vietnam but the bike ain’t one

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If you dont have a Vietnamese driving license, we will convert your current license to the Vietnamese one. After that you can drive legally on the streets of Vietnam.

If you have no bike to drive, we will provide one for you. In addition, we will maintain and repair it at no cost to you. Our 24h Support will be there to help if there is any issue.

If you are scared of driving, don't worry! We have helpful driving lessons where you will learn how to control the bike, as well as how to drive safely on the streets of Vietnam.

What we offer

saigonBikes offers online reservation

Online Reservation

  • Reserve the bike you like online
saigonBikes offers english language

English Language

  • Our employees speak English
saigonBikes offers 24h service

24h Service

  • Service and emergency contact at any time
saigonBikes offers provided instructions

Provided Instructions

  • Guides to convert your licence and drive safely
saigonBikes offers bike pick up

Pick Up & Delivery

  • We will come to the location you want
saigonBikes offers repair service

Repair Service

  • Free repairs and maintenance for the bike

Addsadfsadfasdfitional benefits

We provide the following pr the abc oducts to you for FREE: a high quality helmet, a rain-proof poncho (rain jacket), and a secure bike-lock (anti-theft device).

additional benefit free helmet


  • Choose your prefered helmet
additional benefit free poncho


  • A good rain jacket to protect from the weather 
additional benefit free bike lock

Bike Lock

  • An anti-theft device you can mount on the bike
What is a Automatic?

An automatic motorbike shifts gears automatically. The only thing you have to do is control the bike's speed and break. Both breaks are located by the steering wheel.

Difficulty: very easy, perfect for beginners and casuals

What is a Semi-Automatic?

Semi-automatics have different gears which you have to change depending on your speed. When driving you need to control the speed, breaks, and shift gears. The gears are changed by a switch at the left foot. The front break is located by your right hand while the back break is by your right foot.

Difficulty: medium, if you are familiar with shifting gears

What is a Manual?

Like semi-automatics, manuals also require you to shift gears. Manuals, however, need you to use the clutch to do so (like in a manual car). The gears are changed by a switch by your left foot and by pulling and releasing the clutch with your left hand. The front break is located by your right hand and the back break is be your right foot.

Difficulty: hard, for experienced drivers

Exclusive services

Why do I need a local license?

A valid driving license is required by law. The problem arises not when the police pull you over, but rather if you cause an accident. If you cause an accident and do not have a vaild licence, the penalty can be up to twenty years in prison. Furthermore, almost all health insurance plans will only cover injuries caused in accidents if you have a valid Vietnamese driving license.

Who needs driving lessons?

When you first arrive in Asia, and especially in a big city like Saigon, driving might seem daunting to you. If this is the case, you should think about taking some lessons, and certainly should if you have never been on a scooter before. We offer three kind of lessons:

  • Lessons on how to drive and control a motorbike, with practical exercises.
  • Introduction to and practical examples of the rules of the road in Vietnam.
  • Practical driving lessons in traffic, both in quiet areas and during rush hour.

Payment options

At the moment, we are offering two payment methods: PayPal for paying online and Cash for paying in person.

payment option cash


  • We accept VND, Dollar, and Euro
payment option paypal


  • Pay comfortably Online

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Our company, saigonBikes, was founded in 2016 to make bike renting in Vietnam easier. We are specialized in renting motorbikes of all kinds for foreigners and expats, but we also help our customers with converting their driving licence and learning to drive safely. Our goal is to create a safe and transparent opportunity for bike rental.


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